My name is David Beadle and this is my new revamped blog. I used to have one called “Mothman”, but phased after a while. Now, in spite of the moth-heavy title, this blog will feature many things other than our scaly-winged nocturnal friends, especially since the season is all but done!

Stay tuned for more posts.


4 comments on “Profile

  1. One of the best Blogs I have seen Dave and the only one I have ever signed on to for updates.

    Great photos.


  2. Hi David,

    I have a presentation that I give on unusual plumages in raptors. I would like to use one of your images of the Cooper’s X goshawk hybrid. Naturally, I would give photo credit. May I?

    Cheers, Bill Clark

    P. S. I agree completely with Brian Sullivan that this is a hybrid between these species, and not the first.

  3. Thanks for the great blogsite! Its winter and I seem to be hibernating in my art studio. Recent interest in moths. You have amazing pics and info on what I am researching for. I have a very large garden that attracts a lot of creatures. Ah things to do in summer…. 🙂

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