3 comments on “Gooper’s or what?

  1. An interesting bird. The wing shape is all gos. The eye-strip isn’t always bright and bold on a gos, so I’m leaning towards the bird being a gos. However, I’ve never seen anything but grey on the underside of a gos. The tail has the characteristics of both coop and gos. Looking at the topside of the bird; all male accipiters have dark remiges – a distinct contrast between the flight features and the upperwing coverts – and this bird dosn’t have any contrast, so it’s a female. In the blog you mentions the bird is small, you never get the impession that a female gos is small. With all that said I’d say that this bird is a gos/coop hybrid.

  2. This reply is for Jerry Liguori; he said the following:
    Derek shared this link with me and I totally agree with him. It looks perfect for a hybrid, the black head is gos-like but the eye-line is very limited for adult gos, usually approaching the back of the head on Goshawk. The upperwing color is gos-like but tail is Coop-like, the underisde is rufous-tinged but only faintly but barring is more similar to a Cooper’s, the secondaries are faintly banded more like Goshawk. In fact, it looks very similar to the hybrid in the link provided in the blog here.

  3. Thanks very much Derek and Jerry for your thoughts on this interesting bird. I think we also are of the opinion that we are dealing with a hybrid here. A few local birders have looked through the photos and the general opinion is that this is the case. I really appreciate you both taking the time to respond.

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